Thanks to Andrew Latham, we have these images of Terry's 2008 Open Day

Steve Acton's Tom Rolt

Isabel running Beyer Peacock "Sam" on the main line (before it got crowded!).

Keith Vernon's Tram on the branch.

Selwyn's Roundhouse Russell with Mamod wagons.

Dave Billyard's Fowler.

Andrew's Accucraft Excelsior "George Henry".

Roger Coleman's Roundhouse Dylan - an increasingly rare loco.

Selwyn's Russell passes Andrew's Excelsior.

The Acton's Corris train passes through the rear station.

Martin Smith ran an Accucraft Baldwin with a pair of the new IOM 4 wheel coaches.

A scratch built Bagnall Dennis? Sorry cannot remember who built this lovely loco.

John Skipper's Darjeeling 0-4-0 complete with hangers-on!

Andrew's Steamcraft Linda passes Matt Acton's Hunslet about to join the main line from the branch.

Andrew's Steamcraft "Linda".

A maroon Russell this time with a uniform rake of coal trucks (sorry don't remember who the owner is).

Roundhouse Jack (sorry again don't remember who the owner is).

Isabel running Beyer Peacock 'Sam' on the branch near the end of the afternoon.

John Skipper's Locobox Darjeeling Garratt.

John Skipper's Locobox Darjeeling Garratt running unconventionally the wrong way (clockwise) with permission from Terry the lines owner.

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